Welcome to Creative Friday with Sønderby 3d

Welcome to Creative Friday with Sønderby 3d
My name is Svend and I work as a 3D freelancer in Copenhagen. I always try to have a ’Creative Friday’ in my small one man multinational company! Creative Friday is used as stimulation for the brain, to learn and to experiment. A typical experiment is related to my work but not something I work with on a daily basis. It can be an experiment with motion tracking, stopmotion or timelapse, 3D experiments which go a bit above and beyond the usual working routines, to go on a photo safari or just stimulate the brain with a visit to a museum etc.

I don’t succeed every Friday – but mostly! And not every friday experiment has a result that can be shown – but I hope that this blog can stimulate me to ”finish” more of these creative Friday experiments.

Below you will find a few old examples of the outcome of a creative friday…..

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