Tribute to Katharina Grosse from a 4 year old

Ok, this friday got hijacked by my son who just turned 4. It all started while on holiday in Ireland where, during a drive, he started to talk about some green painting gloves that he would like for his birthday. What were the green gloves? Where had he seen them? The answer came promptly ”Arken of course” (Our local art museum, . Aha, that german woman…. ”Yes, Katharina Grosse” came the response from the backseat!

He had heard that we where planning to paint his swing set at the summerhouse and wanted to do it himself the same way Katharina Grosse had painted Arken. Laura had to be invited too because she is good at painting (

Well, why not? Unfortunately Laura was going on holiday and couldn’t make it and we never found green gloves in his size, but we did get 4 tins of water-based spray paint, masks with active coal and an old shirt. It’s hard pressing the valve on the spray paint when you are only 4 years old but it went pretty well.




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