Picasso fanart

I wanted to practice drawing form and since I’m very fond of some of Picasso’s ink drawing from his 1928 sketchbooks (Carnet Paris and Carnet Dinard) I decided to do some drawings inspired by them. A kind of Picasso fanart if you like.

I didn’t wanted to spend too much time on it, so I set a few limitations for myself; a quick underdrawing, and apart from that only using a Lamy Safari Extra Fine. No backgrounds only a little shadow to place the figures on the ground. A6 format in the form of an accordion sketchbook made from an A2 sheet of paper. I’ve used these little sketchbooks before for 15-in-a-day drawings, but this time it took me 2 weeks to finish the 15 drawings…

If you want to see the 2 Picasso’s sketchbooks I can highly recommend the book “Pablo Picasso on the Path to Sculpture”. It’s hard to find – and therefor often expensive – but try the library. In Denmark you can order it at any library. If you live in Essex you might be out of luck though; I bought their “withdrawn” copy.

Have a look at Marc Taro Holmes “How to make an accordion sketchbook” on his site, if you want to make one.