One Week 100 People – take two

I somehow ended up in a drawing funk for 2 months. To try to get out of it I did another round of OneWeek100People last week – this time only doing continuous line portraits directly in fountain pen to save time.

100 done, 2 full sketch books in one week!

After the first 75 I was getting slower trying to be more accurate so I started to use a Japanese extra fine fountain pen (much finer than a european EF ). Started to draw much faster going over the same lines several times. I like the result, the drawings got faster and a bit looser again.

It’s been great drawing again and it’s completely surreal to look at 2 full sketchbooks and realise that I filled them in just 5 days…

I normally always draw an underdrawing in pencil – which can make the drawings a bit stiff/tight – and I’m generally very slow at drawing. The continuous line drawings have been a great exercise for loosening up and starting to draw directly in ink. I’m only posting a few of the drawings – they are a great exercise but not necessary very interesting for everyone else to look at – to quote my son; some of them are epic fails.

I also added my first two attempts drawing/painting with Aero Color acrylic inks. Great fun, but I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing yet. It was very hard controlling the amount of water, the inks where much more saturated than I expected. It’s really hard/strange for me not to use any lines but since I’m trying to draw looser and lose the contour lines it was a great exercise too. Can’t all be ink so the last drawing was mostly done with my favourite pencil; Polychromos dark indigo. I really like the photo, it’s been in my queue for quite a while. Didn’t quite capture what I wanted to in the face so I might take another stab at it another day. I drew the eyes quite wonky but I almost saved it by placing one set of eyelashes high and the other one low ;-)

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