My first holiday sketch book

It has always bugged me that i couldn’t draw. I newer learned it. I grew up thinking that drawing was something magical you either could or couldn’t do. Thats rubbish. Like with all other things you have to learn it and practise – practise a lot.

My son loves to draw and that inspired me to finally start drawing with him. In the spring I for the very first time brought a sketch book with me and tried to draw what i saw. Not very pretty, but it was a start.

So when vacation time was getting closer I bought a new sketch book and decided to try to make a drawing for every day of the holiday. And I did it. The cool thing is that after the holiday we’ve actually look more at the drawings then the photos we took.

Still a very very long way to go before I can draw the drawings I’d like to draw, but it’s getting better and its fun. I just need to make loads more drawings to get better (and maybe get a bit of help from someone who actually knows how to draw).