Holiday drawings from Lisbon

Going to Lisbon on summer holiday this year I was planing to do a lot of drawing and dipping my toes into watercolours and urban sketching. I even got myself a new watercolour sketchbook and added 2 new colours to my watercolour set.

There is still no drawings in my watercolour sketchbook, but I did make daily ink drawings in a super cheap 21×21 sketchbook I normally use for doodling. I also made a few pencil sketches in a very small sketchbook I got in a goody bag at a party arranged by my 4 year old niece. I only did one small watercolour and that ended up being used as a postcard.

To make up for my missing watercolour drawings I picked up the book “Lisboa por/by Urban Sketchers” – 120 drawings by 45 sketchers. I knew about the book before we went to Lisbon. It was not easy to find, the only place I found the book was in the gift shop at the Berardo Museum. It’s a great little book, much better souvenir then anything you can find in a souvenir shop.

Super cool city/area. Back in Denmark now, the temperature 15-20 degrees lower and it’s raining buckets – I guess todays drawing won’t be Urban Sketching with watercolour either…