Going old school; Linocuts

I needed to try something new and different. I had just seen some cool linocuts so why not try that.

I never tried it before. I do remember some enthusiastic teacher in school handing me a linoleum plate, but I don’t think I ever made a singel cut in it. Spend an evening watching a few tutorials and YouTube examples and then off to get some supplies. To my big surprise I could not find a single shop in Copenhagen that carried linoleum plates so I had to get them from Aarhus?!? Many of the examples I found using water based ink online had, in my opinion, really bad coverage (read: looked more like potato print to me). So I decided to try the oile based safe wash ink from Caligo.

The motif is my son. I had originally had an idea about making it as a stencil and use spray paint, but I think the lino cut was a better idea.

I’m pretty happy with the result for a first try. Made 20 prints and scraped 10 of them. The ink was easy to work with and the cleaning I had feared only took a few minutes; Cover everything in a thick layer of soap, rinse, dry, done! I had been warned about long drying times but I never expected 3-4 days… They just managed to dry the day before christmas so a few of them got framed and ended under the tree.

It was great fun. I’m defiantly trying that again.

lino wip 1

lino wip 2

Oliver framed