February Faces – 28 drawing in 28 days

I finished my February Faces challenge yesterday! I drew 28 people in February. I have now drawn a face every day since mid-January. Before that I didn’t have the courage to draw people. I am really surprised at just how clear the improvement has been in just 7 weeks.

Doing a 1 hour still life drawing Monday I also noticed that I have become much better/faster at constantly checking and correcting my measurements. A bit of an ekstra bonus, I hadn’t expected drawing from photo reference would also helping my live drawing.

The drawings have been taking longer and longer to finish. I’m considering taking on the Marc Taro Holmes /Liz Steel #OneWeek100People2017 challenge in March. Not sure about 20 a day but it would definitely help my drawing speed. Drawing the sketches a bit smaller directly in ink and it might just be possible – but not necessarily very pretty.

The Sktchy app has been a huge help in this challenge, making it super easy to find someone to draw so I could spend the time drawing instead of getting lost searching the net. I can highly recommend the app if you are looking for people to draw or inspiration – or if you would like someone to draw you. It’s very much like Instagram; some upload photos, some drawings. There is also a very friendly and supportive community there. (sktchy: @Svend Soenderby)

I can highly recommend doing a drawing challenge if you want to get better at/learn how to draw. Do InkTober, MarchofRobots, FebruaryFaces, OneWeek100People, 356drawings, dinovember or just make up a new one that suits you. Just decide to do it and stick with it. Jake Parker, who started InkTober, talks about drawing challenges here (it’s very long so draw while listening to it). I believe the only way to learn how to draw is by doing it – a lot. Actually, just stop surfing and start drawing now.

I’ll will continue to draw daily and I plan to do 2-3 Sktchy drawings a week.

The 28 February Faces: