Creative Friday; Who, what, why?

Creative Friday; Who, what, why?

Creative Friday @ soenderby.com is my little digital sanctuary for a very eclectic collection of experiments, projects and all sorts of other things. It’s all about playing, experimenting and learning something new – in short, vitamins for the brain.

The title Creative Friday came about when I had too much to do and didn’t really get any fun or creative projects done. I decided to set aside some time every week for projects that I wanted to do but that didn’t really need to be done. That’s not the worst way of starting your weekend, so it became Creative Friday.

My background is very mixed, but tech and creativity have been a part of almost everything I have done. For a long time I worked with IT for the graphic arts/printing industry at an Apple Center. That led to even more interesting jobs at a newspaper and advertising agencies – including a couple of very exciting years at an international advertising agency in Amsterdam. I also worked as a 3d freelancer in both Holland and Denmark.

My first 3d experiments started when I discovered that a licence of Maxons Cinema 4D GO was included with version 1.0 of Apples Final Cut Pro. Since then I’ve used C4D from R7 Art to R20 Studio. But now it’s time for change. I’m learning Blender as my new weapon of choice and for 3d work the operating system is also being changed from MacOS to PopOS.

It’s not that many years since I started drawing. I never really drew as a kid, I wanted to, but unfortunately did not posses that magic ability. I wish somebody would have told me that anyone can learn to draw. My son loves drawing and that inspired me to slowly start drawing with him. When I realised that anyone can learn to draw the solution was simple, just practice. I haven’t really drawn much in the last 2 years and I’m missing it. Time to get started again.

The Creative Friday blog got updated so it works better on phones, https and it’s much easier to sort the content. I have many projects planned; Getting back to drawing, 3d experiments in Blender, python programming so I can ‘fix’ some of the things I’m missing in Blender and if I find the time, hopefully getting robot #003 rolling down the road delivering beer to neighbours. And thats only the beginning…