75 drawings in 75 days

I did it; 75 drawings in 75 days to practice hatching. I wanted to try a Moleskine sketchbook for a while and when I found a nice red one on sale for around 7 €/$ it was obvious, that was the one to use . My intention was to make 30 drawings in 30 days, but when I reached the 30 there was still all the reasons in the world to continue practising. I should probably make 500 more but I also want to use colour and pencil for a while.

Most drawings are done with different sizes of Uni Pin fine liner and also a few with fountain pen and/or the Pentel Pocket Brush. But what I actually used most was my eraser… I always start drawing in pencil – but on the more accurate drawings the pencil drawing was actually drawn and partly erased several times. So before I lay down the ink the drawing has already been drawn 3, 5 or even more times.

In most of the drawings I drew what was in front of me. A few times I got so frustrated with drawing especially small things that I ended up taking a photo of it and drawing from that (the shoe was one).

I think I need to start a new Moleskine where I go straight to ink so I can practice drawing faster and more precisely from the beginning. I ought to be able to make 3 to 4 times as many drawings in the same time if don’t draw and redraw them several times in pencil first. I think it’ll help me making more drawings rather than fine tuning the same drawings for ages. Also, no more drawing after photos except when it can’t be avoided ie. a whale can be pretty hard to draw “live”.

I’m still a very long way from being able to draw the drawing I’d like to draw. Luckily the process is fun, so I’ll keep drawing.